AMADOR CITY ~ Map & Directions

Amador City is located in Amador County, central to the California Gold and Wine Country.

Below are driving directions to Amador City from various key locations.

From Local Areas: Amador City is about 4-5 minutes from Sutter Creek, 4 minutes from Drytown, 10 minutes to Jackson, 20 minutes to Volcano, 15 minutes from Ione, 10 minutes to Plymouth (county fairgrounds), 12 minutes from the start of the Shenandoah Valley vineyards loop in Plymouth. Closest supermarkets and discount stores are located in Martell off 49 on the way to Jackson (8 minutes).

From Placerville: take 49 south, about 25 miles, through Plymouth and Drytown. Just under 2 miles from Drytown, take the left turnoff into Amador City. Driving time: about 30 minutes.

From Sacramento: take Highway 16 (off 50 at Power Inn Road/Howe Ave) toward Jackson. After about 40 miles, you’ll see 49 to Sutter Creek/Jackson exit on your right. Take 49 another 4 miles to the left turnoff into Amador City. Driving time from Sacramento: 50 easy minutes.

From Bay Area: (through Stockton) take 680 to 580 East, then 205 to Tracy which runs into 5, take 5 toward Stockton. In Stockton on 5, take the second Hiway 4 exit (4 East – Downtown Stockton). Then get on 99 North to Sacramento for 1 mile, then take the exit 88 to Jackson. Stay on 88 past Clements, watch for left hand turn onto 88 at flashing light right past Clements. Follow 88 until you see Sutter Creek/Ridge Road exit on left. Take the exit, turn left on Highway 49 at the first traffic light, then right at the second traffic light to drive through Sutter Creek. Amador City is 2 miles after Sutter Creek. Driving time from Stockton: 1 hour.

From Sonora: take 49 into Jackson, drive through Jackson, take 49 exit to Sutter Creek on right, turn right at the third stoplight to drive through Sutter Creek and continue 2 miles to Amador City. Driving time from Sonora: about 1 hour.

From Lake Tahoe: North Shore – can go either 80 to Auburn to 49 to Placerville (very winding) or 80 to Sacramento to 50 to 16 to Jackson. South Shore – 50 to Placerville to 49, or 89 to 88 down past Kirkwood to Jackson to 49. Driving time: South Shore – about 2 hours. Truckee: 2 hours 45 minutes.

From Kirkwood: 88 south to Jackson, then 49 to turn off on right to Sutter Creek and on to Amador City. Driving time: 1 hour 15 minutes (weather and ski traffic dependent).